Poppy (sweetandsombre) wrote in morningcynicism,

you still linger even more


01) Eastmountainsouth // Interlude

02) Charlotte Martin // Tremble
I never tried to cross the line
But in my mind did several times
I turn the page and slam the door
But you still linger even more

03) Matthew Perryman Jones // Rain or Shine
Look me in the eyes
Tell me you don't feel a thing

04) Griffin House // Let Me In
I'm not trying to force it
But I've got one thing on my mind
I'm not going anywhere soon

05) Lykke Li // Love Out of Lust
we will live longer than I will
we will be better than I was

06) The Cardigans // Hold Me (Mini Version)
Love me, try not to need me
Hold me, don't ever leave me

07) Joshua James // Dangerous
It's dangerous, to be sleepin alone
And it's way way way it's way to cold

08) Gregory Alan Isakov // That Moon Song
and you came on strong like some running wave
and your beauty left me broke and hungry
left me begging to the birds for a bone or an offering
left me saying nothing, nothing, like i always say

Tags: !fanmix, ship:castle/beckett, tv:castle
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